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Here is a list of all the shared equipment we have. Some things have their own pages describing how to use them and their rates.

Key Meaning
F Free to use
C Bring your own consumables or pay for ours. A tiny bit of free use is okay
R Rental price required. (Covers maintenance)
T Training or certification required
t Please ask for help if you haven't used this tool before

Equipment Rates See also
3D Printers
Two Ender 3 Pros C We stock basic PLAs for $20/kg
Kossel Mini C We stock basic PLAs for $20/kg
Anycubic Photon Mono X resin printer C We stock basic resin for $35/kg
Smaller resin printer C We stock basic resin for $35/kg
Other CNC
40w Flux Beambox laser cutter/engraver 15in x 14in R T $5/hr of laser time. Laser cutting
4ft X 4ft x 2.75in CNC Router R T $15-25/hr of spindle time
Fabtotum CNC router (3D print head damaged) F
MH-871-MK2 Vinyl Cutter F
Millermatic auto wire-feed MIG 110v welder with argon/CO2 R T $5/hr of torch time. Most people wont use more than 1hr in a day
220v MIG Welder with argon/CO2 (Harbor Freight) R T $5/hr of torch time. Most people wont use more than 1hr in a day
Vertical Milling Machine (Grizzly G1005) C t Training and checkoff required. Bring your own bits or pay for any that you use.
Big old school lathe C t
Drill press C t
Horizontal/Vertical band saw for metal F t
Bench grinders F t
Angle grinders(Cutoff, flapdisc, grinding wheel) C T Safety check required! This is a dangerous tool
Various drills C
Other metalworking equipment N/A We share the building with some metalworkers with lots of equipment. See Eric for case-by-case use. Experience preferred.
Other shop/woodworking
Compound Miter Chop Saw F
Craftsman table saw F
Benchtop belt sander F
Sanders F
Various air tools + 120psi continuous shop air F
T-shirt heat press F t
Sewing Machine F
Adjustable soldering irons F
Hot air rework station F t
Digital oscilloscope and signal generator F t
Handheld digital oscilloscope F
Desoldering gun F
Multimeters F
Shared computer - powerful desktop F
Shared computer - less powerful laptop F
Wide range of prototyping components available for use/purchase C
Basic ink-jet color printer HP Officejet with scanning and double sided printing C
Plastic recycling
Precious Plastics Extruder Shredder Combo for use with free provided PP F T
Shredder for general use F T
Toaster oven for experiments F
Clothes irons F
Coming soon: Sheet press oven F