3D Printing

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We have multiple 3d printers varying in size and speed. They are all controlled through servers run from Raspberry pi's. We have multiple colors and types of filament available for people to use at $20/kg. There's no need to pay for smaller prints.

Printer Status
Printrbot Simple Metal Extended Dual Best quality prints in the shop. second nozzle needs calibrated
Orange Kossel Mini Fastest printer in the shop. Make sure power switch is on/off when using/done
Green MOST Delta Needs flow rate callibrated? Parts come out thicker than expected
Blue Kossel Mini Out of commission. Needs FW update? Stops prints partway through
Reprap Pro Mendel with optional paste extruder Out of commission. Prints mirrored Needs general run through. Paste extruder hasn't been run in a long time