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What do you get with your membership?[edit]

  • Access to the space any time a facilitator is at the shop, and a class isn’t in the way
  • Access to tools, 3D printers, laser cutters, welders, art supplies, kitchenette, etc.
  • Greatly discounted classes
  • Access to the wealth of knowledge of your fellow shopmates. This is a very dynamic and communally empowering environment, with lots of talented people from different backgrounds
  • 1hr of 1-on-1 equipment training per month.
  • A say in how the space is run. We’ll host open meetings on many Thursdays. Check the calendar! h.h aims to be a non-hierarchical do-ocracy, where its members put forth their energy into the community autonomously.

How much does membership cost?[edit]

  • $40-$80/month pay-what-you-are able scale. Price list here:
  • Total price is negotiated with a facilitator upon signing up. Please let us know if your situation changes. You can always volunteer time to cover all or part of dues.
  • Once you’re a member in good standing for at least a month, you may get the door code if you’ve shown the ability to safely and responsibly use the space.
  • Tool training beyond your free 1hr per month will be $15/hr or negotiated with a facilitator.
  • Some tools have consumable fees.

How do I sign up?[edit]

Find a Facilitator at the space and ask for a tour. Sign the Member Agreement and Liability waiver and pay using the [Monthly Subscription] link on our [website]

New Member?[edit]