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Hi, my name is Jesse. You may see me with the username piajesse (Pain In the Ass Jesse), I've created this username when I was 14 and it always stuck. I'm a 24 Year old, who is also a tech and computer enthusiast

Skill sets[edit]

  • System Admin for Linux based Servers
  • Setting up Minecraft servers

Developing Skill sets[edit]

  • Development
  • VoIP Systems
  • 3D printing

Current Projects[edit]

  • Maintaining the Servers at Hedron
  • Developing a working fork of Linphone for Accelerate Networks
  • About to finish my 4 year IT degree at WGU
  • My bike

Planned Projects[edit]

  • Vector based game engine
  • Decentralized gaming platform
  • Gen 2 Fully electric Prius with 200+ miles range