Lock Up Procedures

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How to lock up the space when you are the last one to leave.

Try the video[edit]

Points of Entry[edit]

Make sure you check that each of these entry points are locked appropriately, each door has it's own procedure

  • Hedron Hackerspace Door (aka Main Door)
  • Glass Blowers Door (aka Glass Blowers Door)
  • Outside Gate
  • Welders Door

Hedron Hackerspace Door (aka Main Door)[edit]

You must both push the lock button in the inside handle and turn the lock button 90 degrees. Double check that the door is fully locked after closing the door behind you


There are various light switches in the space, try to find them all, think of it like a game

Other Considerations[edit]

  • Big Exhaust Fan
  • Laser Exhaust
  • Laser Diode

Big Exhaust Fan Procedures[edit]

Laser Exhaust[edit]

see Laser Cutter Procedures

Laser Diode[edit]

see Laser Cutter Procedures