2020 SE Bush St

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Our building is located at 2020 SE Bush St, Portland, OR 97202

Physical Address[edit]

address of space

Public Transport[edit]

  • The nearest Trimet stops are:
    • the lines 9 & 66 stop at SE 21st and Powell,
    • the line 70 stop at sE 21st and Tibbets,
    • the line 17 & Orange Line stop at SE 17th and Rhine,
    • the line 10 stop at SE 26th and Rhone.

Getting In[edit]

For at least the first month you won't have the code to the building but don't worry there are two main ways to get in without a key

Door unlocked during normal hours[edit]

Try the door, it could already be unlocked. If you come during our normal hours then the door is likely unlocked and open. Come on in!

Call ahead, we'll let you in[edit]

Call us! There is almost always a member nearby ready to let you in. Seriously, this works really well!

Points of interest nearby[edit]

  • TODO Add points of interest