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Thank you for becoming a new member at Hedron Hackerspace!

At this point you should have signed the waivers and paid your first monthly dues. What Next?

Join the Discord [edit]

If you haven't already, Join the Discord

Members Meeting [edit]

As a member you get a say in how the space is ran, join the Members Meeting

Craft Night [edit]

We hold a regular Craft Night, this is a chance to do something crafty

Cleanup Night [edit]

It's hard to know how to start, especially in a new space with new people. Come to cleanup night and help us put things away and organize the space, it's a great way to learn where things are and what's here

Show Up [edit]

You paid for the membership, now use it. Gaining 24/7 access the space requires that you build trust and familiarity with the people in the shop. You should come at least once-or-twice a week in the first month (more is better, but no one is counting), if you don't have anything to work on that's okay! Come by and say hi maybe something will get pulled into a project

Join or Start a Collective[edit]

Read through the list of Collectives, reach out to the members over Discord or leave a note, don't see one that speaks to you? Start your own

  • General and safety instruction should always be available from people on site for new members. To use your free hourly training each month for a more involved, reach out in person or on discord to figure out a time. If training takes more than an hour, you'll have to come to an agreement for compensation (i.e. $15-$20/hr for training)
  • We have a Nextcloud instance! This is like Google Drive, but self hosted here at the shop. Post in #server-biz on discord to request a free 200gb account.
  • Hazing is concluded upon blowing the big air horn