Members Meeting

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The Members Meeting is a space to share your thoughts and vote in how the space is run

Wednesday meetings will resume TBD

Meeting Format

  • Meetings shall not surpass 2 hours in length, ideally meetings should be less than 1 hour
  • Meetings are concluded with a Meta Meeting
  • A Meeting "Coordinator" must be chosen for the next meeting

Meeting Coordinator

  • It is the responsibility of the Meeting Coordinator to let people know if a meeting is happening the following week, if the meeting does NOT take place it is up to the coordinator to choose a new coordinator for the following week. As a member of the Hacker Space if you notice that no meeting has happened in a couple weeks you may take it upon yourself to become the meeting Coordinate to kick off the meetings again

Meta Meeting

Meta meeting is an opportunity to discuss the meeting itself. Topics include the length, if it was boring, if the meeting procedure still makes sense and/or should be updated